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At Damia Group, we've always believed in the power of community and networking, especially in the dynamic world of IT
Former CEO Frank Slootman has highlighted that there is no better person than Sridhar Ramaswamy to take over as the
managed services
Today’s workforce has changed considerably over the last decade. The rise of millennials and Gen Z in the workplace has
In the annual business tech priorities report delivered by IT infrastructure provider Softcat, cyber security was considered a top priority
While many studies are exploring the key drivers of population ill health, it’s clear that factors like lifestyle and our
Determining quality criteria Quality is measurable and a verifiable element of a project that reflects its value, usability and reliability.
The UK Cyber Security Council has confirmed the first collaboration of chartered cybersecurity specialists nationwide following the launch of its
Nuffield Health’s 2023 Healthier Nation Index recently discovered that 59% of individuals believe the cost of living or changes to
Effective communication is critical for the success of any project. Without clear and consistent communication, there are potential repercussions that
Healthcare leaders can tackle inflation by reducing expenses and strengthening efficiencies by focusing on labour costs, revenue cycle management and