Damia Profiles: Introducing Terri Stenhouse

How long have you been with Damia Group?

I’ve been working with Damia for over 10 years. I am in my second tenure with Damia and I was also their client at Logica/CGI in-between so we have had a long relationship.   I have over 20 years’ experience including both in-house and agency environments.

What I like most about Damia is the core values – 100% of clients stated that Damia exceeded their expectations when it came to trust, honesty and integrity. Damia is also now an Employee Owned Trust.

What markets do you specialise in/ what’s your current focus at Damia Group?

At Damia, I handle Contingent Labour and Permanent hiring for a number of Enterprise clients within Financial Services, Defence / National Security and FMCG.

I have handled managerial appointments including C-Suite.

On the technical front, I specialise in Insights and Data including Snowflake and also Salesforce.

For Defence / National Security clients I work on roles requiring SC/DV Clearance.

I am committed to delivery excellence, building strong relationships with clients and candidates alike (as per the feedback received on Linkedin).

I am used to working with senior stakeholders in my role at Damia and previously at Logica/CGI.  

From providing support towards new roles to identifying and sourcing candidates, my approach to investing time to understand the requirements and individuals is a priority for me. It ensures that any candidates put forward are of the highest quality.

My core skills include:

Recruitment/ Talent acquisition from Graduate to C-Suite.

Resource delivery experience spanning 14 countries (workforce planning / strategic resourcing/ talent deployment ensuring high utilisation).

People/ Skills Development; mentoring and performance appraisal.

Service setup, metric definition, SLA monitoring and reporting.

Process documentation, review and continuous improvement.

Management of virtual and remote teams on and offshore.

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