Damia Profiles: Introducing Tash Lewis

How long have you been with Damia Group?

I’ve worked with Damia Group for six years, managing a range of clients, from FinTech startups to global manufacturing companies. My main focus at the moment is on SME organisations. I have nearly nine years of IT recruitment experience and moved into recruitment after university. Over the years, I gained a proven track record across permanent and contract recruitment.

What do you like about the recruitment industry?

I have a passion for recruitment in the dynamic world of data-focused technologies. I leverage my knowledge and experience of the continuously evolving data landscape and am committed to connecting top-tier talent with cutting-edge opportunities that drive innovation and transform businesses.

What markets do you specialise in?

In my role at Damia Group, I thrive on the excitement of identifying and engaging with skilled professionals across various data verticals. Whether it’s Big Data, Data Science, Business Intelligence, or Analytics, I am committed to building high-performing teams that propel organisations forward in the digital era.

With a finger on the pulse of emerging trends in the data space, I excel at understanding the unique skill sets required for success in this rapidly evolving field. My goal is to not only match candidates with roles but to create synergies that foster long-term success for both individuals and the companies they contribute to.

What do you enjoy most about working at Damia?

At Damia Group, we don’t just recruit; we cultivate relationships. I am dedicated to being a strategic partner for both candidates and clients, ensuring a seamless match that goes beyond technical expertise to align with company culture and future aspirations.

Whether it be a skilled professional looking for new challenges or a business intending to build a high-impact data team, I’m committed to making the perfect match.

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