UK focused on strengthening defence industry development

The Ministry of Defence and the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero recently confirmed the development of a new Nuclear Defence Skills Taskforce to support new opportunities within the national defence and civil nuclear industry. 

Through the leadership of the former CEO of Defence Equipment and Support, the task force will focus on ensuring the UK Defence industries have the necessary resources and skills to meet the accelerated demand for new opportunities. James Cartlidge, the Minister for Defence Procurement, explains that by strengthening skills in nuclear, we are investing in the national economy and UK security. Cartilage believes the new task force will tackle the nuclear defence skills gap in the UK and strengthen the industry for future success. The UK defence and nuclear sectors are experiencing a period of growth and are predicted to continue expanding, driven by the AUKUS nuclear partnership and the government’s commitment to energy security. The goal of the task force involves establishing a long-term and sustainable skills pipeline to meet the UK’s defence ambitions during a period of increasing international competition and demand for such positions.

Andrew Bowier, the Minister for Nuclear, believes the taskforce plan is critical to the UK’s revival of nuclear and defence, explaining that the relaunch of the Great British Nuclear will position the UK at the core of the global race to unlock the new generation of nuclear defence technology.

The task force will continue to develop initiatives already underway by the Ministry of Defence and the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, establishing a detailed skills strategy. This plan intends to support the accelerated growth within the defence and civil nuclear sectors in the coming years.

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