Salary: £350 - £372 per day

Type: Contract

Location: Blackpool

Job Reference: SCTESTQA

Tester / Test Engineer – Systems Testing / QA – Automation
£372.11 – Blackpool – 3 month rolling

  • Tests application & systems with a focus on Planning, Preparation, Execution & Reporting activities based on business & System requirements.
  • Experienced in Java and Python programming language.
  • Design test scenario, develop test cases, understand test case, and perform execution. Analyze test result, report problem, verify fixes, and create test report.
  • Design, implement and maintain automated test case scripts.
  • Knowledge of relational database & SQL. Knowledge of agile development life cycle and testing process.
  • Experienced on Rational development tools: Rational Team Concert & Rational Quality Management..
  • Understand what types of test tools are available today (e.g. Coverage Analysis, Capture Capability, Test Script language & Support, Test Harness generation, Test Execution Facilities, Synchronization & Exception Handling, Results Comparison & Reporting) Implement a Testing Methodology by selecting relevant Work Product(s).
  • Implement Testing Methodology by selecting relevant deployment/job roles associated with the Work Products.
  • Design, document and communicate overall test environment, based on the automation strategy and environment architecture.
  • Design, document, and communicate comprehensive test plans that verify the design and risks acceptable to the client.
  • Analyse solution design, use case scenarios, architectural limits and test environment to design a series of tests and tools that effectively exercise the solution at a system and functional level while allowing for validation of all data.
  • Validate that tests meet the client’s risk and acceptance criteria. Create customized test data based on system architecture and production environment (e.g. mock data, dummy data). Verify, validate, and show traceability of the requirements by identifying measurable criteria for demonstrating that the system or solution satisfies the business intent and is accepted by the sponsor as a solution that can be successfully implemented.
  • Lead Defect Prevention Strategy.
  • Perform Configuration Management.
  • Perform System Test.
  • Adhere to a prescribed process in developing test cases.

This includes the ability to:

  • understand the Test Process Model (or FLT) , Test Focus areas , Test Types, Test Phases and Testing lifecycle.
  • Understand business requirements and technical Requirements, such as, Performance & Capacity, Availability.
  • Understand System/Application Designs;
  • Understand System Acceptance Process (as defined in the Master TestPlan);
  • Develop Test Objectives (through analytical decomposition of requirements/design);
  • Develop Evaluation Criteria;
  • Develop Test Conditions and Expected Results;
  • Develop Test (Condition) Sets;
  • Develop Test Data;
  • Develop Test Cases; and Review Test Cases. Use widely accepted defect management tools in support of defect tracking and impact analysis (e.g. Test director, ClearQuest).
  • Understand and use configuration and change management tools to maintain version control and enable concurrent development/changes.
  • Use at least one SCM (Source Control Management) tool to assist in project development, production control and software delivery.
  • Use testing tools to diagnose problems, gather and analyze statistical test data and automate test cases.
  • Test tools include the use of automated exercisers.
  • Experience with key Testing work products.
  • Examples include: Master Test Plan (APP 133), System Test Plan (APP 132b), Test Report (APP 138)
  • Detailed Test Plan (APP 132), The work product IDs in parentheses are taken from GS Method.
  • Equivalent work products defined in a different methodology are also are also valid.

**Applicants must hold an active SC level Security Clearance or be eligible to obtain**