Terri was on the case from the word go, she gave me a useful insight into CGI as a company to work for, from her previous experience working there, when it was Logica, she kept me regularly informed via emails and telephone calls
Terri provided me with sound advice, when it came to decision time.
All that stops me from giving a gloving rating all round is that I compare Damia to other agencies that I have worked with for years. I have had some real ups and downs during my time as a contractor, the combination of which builds some solid relationships with consultants and sorts good agencies and consultants from bad ones. Damia is a definite ‘up’.
I repeat the comment that I like the personal touch. With some agencies, talking to your consultant feels like talking to a utility company: you’re just a name in a database. Talking to Natalie or her colleagues feels like I’m talking to people I know. It’s very refreshing and reassuring.