Our Client Testimonials

Having successfully worked with many leading organisations since our conception in 1995, our strategies are proven and our relationships remain as strong and productive as ever. Indeed, our first client on founding remains one of our core clients today, over 20 years later.

Here below is what some of our clients say about us:

Chelsea Eronga – Contacts and Resourcing Administrator

I am honoured to work with Damia and it members as they are real professionals and dedicated in their goal of providing quality recruitment services. The team maintains good working relationship with it clients through open communication and quick turnaround of requests. I find them accommodating and understanding with any situations and always ready to assist for smoother transactions.

Racel Brodeth – Senior Analyst

Damia Group is one of CGI IT UK Limited’s two preferred suppliers, and for good reason. They respond to queries and return required documents we require in good time. They deal with myself in a friendly and courteous manner, especially Ms Allie Dennis and Ms Lucy Wilkins.
Note: I am not able to rate and comment on the quality of CV’s or hires as I do not deal with these.

Adrian Watkins – FRC & RAS Team Manager

I have worked with Damia Group of the past 18 years so have got to know them very well as a supplier. Similarly I have worked with our account manager for at least the past circa 10 years.
Throughout that time I have always found Damia a supplier who puts the client first. They endeavour to know their Client Business to a high level which assists them in providing a top class service. This is evident from that fact that they are currently the top Contractor Recruitment Supplier into CGI.

Nikki Cass – Security Administrator

CGI UKSO vetting team has worked with Damia Group to improve the BPSS process over the last 3 years. They have listened and learned from our guidance and acknowledge the standards required for CGI & the BPSS. All queries that we have are responded to quickly. They are polite, professional and friendly to deal with.