Our Services

Our services have been designed to support our clients and candidates, making the recruitment process as efficient and pain free as possible. Whether you’re looking to find new employees for your business, or you’re searching for the right company to help your career flourish, Damia IT can support you every step of the way.

How we help our Clients:

Knowledge is absolutely key to our success and our exceptionally high client retention rate. By taking the time to really get to know our clients and understand their ethos, preferences, values, goals and needs, we can provide a tailored service that ensures we remain a cost effective recruitment solution for your company. Whether you’re looking to source permanent, temporary or contract staff, we can help.

At Damia IT we embrace cutting edge specialist technology to enable us to thoroughly assess candidate suitability. In addition to traditional CV and interview qualification, we technically assess all our candidates using an on-line portal to compare core and specific skills against the role they are applying for. We also utilise psychometric testing and on-line video interviewing platforms to further enhance our candidate assessment process, resulting in sourcing the best and most suitable candidate for your organisation.

We provide a wide range of tailored recruitment solutions covering contingency-based recruitment, as well as our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Managed Service Solutions. Our comprehensive and flexible service offerings ensure we can support recruitment requirements at all levels and within each function.

Employee Assessments

The employee assessments we undertake can be used in a number of different scenarios, based on client requirements, but are not only limited to the recruitment process. They hold a lot of value elsewhere in the employee lifecycle too.

While they are often used as a key element of the recruitment process, they can also be used across the business, forming part of the regular performance review process, as part of an analysis to determine any skills gaps in project teams or departments, as a way to identify common areas for learning and development across roles and departments, to name but a few benefits.

When it comes to employee assessment during the recruitment process, we’re ready to help you find the very best permanent, temporary or contract staff – using our thorough assessment and recruitment methods to introduce you to impressive, dedicated and well-suited candidates.

Our evaluation methods include many advanced technical tools as well as competency based assessments and psychometric testing. It is extremely costly to recruit the wrong candidate, investing precious time and training in someone that simply does not fit within your organisation. We know our thorough employee assessment processes work successfully to help us produce a candidate shortlist filled with the most suitable prospects.

Project Teams

We appreciate how stressful it can be trying to recruit one new crucial member of your team, let alone being faced with sourcing an entire team to slot into your business on a temporary basis.

Damia IT are industry experts when it comes to recruiting temporary project teams teams for companies across the industry spectrum, Software and IT Services, Financial Services, Government & Defence, Construction and Engineering, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Energy, to name but a few. Our experience and understanding of this specialist requirement means we are ready to add value straight away, supporting you through the recruitment process and beyond. We are familiar with the many challenges that sourcing a temporary project team entails, but will work closely with you do deliver what you need, on time and within budget.

Managed Services and Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Established in 2000, our Managed Services and Recruitment Process Outsourcing practice has grown quickly to become a global provider of recruitment solutions, completely transforming organisations’ workforces. Integrating seamlessly with your own operation, Damia IT will provide a cost effective solution to your recruitment needs.

Our specialist teams can work on-site within your business, full-time or part-time, or be located at our UK based shared service centre in Guildford, Surrey. Working in close partnership with your HR department and the business, our delivery teams will provide a flexible and responsive level of support.

Sourcing Strategies:

Our tried and tested candidate sourcing strategies enable us to attract the best candidates from a variety of sources. Our approach will vary dependent on the job specification and exact requirements of the position. Damia IT utilises the most effective methods from the list below:

• Direct Recruitment – An effective way to enhance your company brand and attract the right calibre of staff. We will take a varied approach, using the most suitable mediums to advertise your recruitment needs and promote your business. Working with branded adverts, social media strategies, your own website and other means, we will not only promote existing opportunities, but ensure that your brand is enhanced, driving a higher volume of direct recruitment opportunities to your door and in turn reducing the average cost per recruited employee.

• Assessing your current Talent Pool – Damia IT can work with you to assess and evaluate your existing employees to establish if you already have the right talent within your organisation to fill certain roles. Not only is this a rewarding way to recruit for certain positions, but it helps to boost staff morale too.

• Employee Referral Schemes – The best way to recruit staff that will fit well into your organisation is to get your existing staff to make their own recommendations. Employee referral schemes can be incredibly cost effective and deliver impressive results.

• Recruitment Database – By retaining details of candidates who have applied to work within your organisation, but were not quite what you were looking for at the time, you can build a valuable recruitment database. With this talent pool at your fingertips, you can assess and match suitability against new opportunities as they arise.

• Agency Management via a Preferred Supplier List (PSL) – Ensuring you have access to a reliable bank of agency contacts can be invaluable when faced with sourcing staff for very specialist roles or needing to recruit in a specific geographical area.

Our experienced team will select the most suitable sourcing strategy to benefit your organisation and recruitment needs.