Markets in which Damia IT supply personnel for include:

IT Industry

  • Software & IT Services
  • Financial Services
  • Government
  • Defence
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Infrastructure
  • Energy

Our Process

Our tried and tested recruitment processes benefit our clients and our candidates. The team at Damia Security Cleared ensure that each phase is completed thoroughly to ensure the best possible conclusion.


At Damia Security Cleared we feel that the initial research phase of our recruitment process is key to our success. We will not only work to understand the role you need us to fill, but we will get to grips with your company culture, ethics, working environment and staff dynamics to enable us to recommend the most suitable candidates, capable of benefitting your organisation. This attention to detail and level of understanding may initially take more time, but it pays dividends when it comes to filling your vacancy with the right person. It also means that future vacancies can be assessed and filled more expediently.

The Role

Working closely with the relevant personnel from your organisation, we will create a detailed and informative job specification, designed to attract the right calibre of candidates to your company. The level of detail applied to this stage in our process ensures that only those with the right qualifications, experience, skills and aptitudes will apply, resulting in an excellent initial selection of candidates.

The detailed recruitment brief also enables us to proactively headhunt certain industry professionals that may be of interest to you. Using a variety or recruitment methods, our team will work to produce a candidate shortlist that will be presented to you.


As part of our service, we will manage and arrange an interview schedule on your behalf. We will diarise appointments to avoid any unnecessary time wasting and ensure that all logistics are in place, checked and double-checked. Post interview, we will communicate accordingly with all interviewees, providing any suitable feedback given.

Offer of Employment

Once you have selected the best possible person to benefit your organisation, we can assist with contract and salary negotiations, guaranteeing that every aspect of the final job offer is correct. Our experienced team will work towards a conclusion that all parties are happy with, cementing the start of an exciting professional relationship.

Continued Support

Even after your new employee has accepted their new role, Damia Security Cleared will still be on hand to support you with any HR, communication and administrative queries or requirements. We’re here to provide advice and guidance, even through the last, and often most crucial, steps of the recruitment process.


We work hard to provide service levels that exceed our clients’ expectations and are immensely proud of our high client retention rate. We focus on continual improvement to grow and develop our business and value your feedback. Therefore, to finalise our process, we appreciate reflective input from both our clients and our candidates.